电子游戏产业竞争 ETPU也就是爆米花材料,通過ETPU所制作成的鞋底也被稱作电子游戏产业竞争,是英文名字Expanded thermoplastic polyurethane字母簡稱。這種材料優點眾多,使用它做成的鞋底能夠大大降低穿著者在運動中所受到



因為ETPU材料優勢眾多,除以上功效之外還具有阻燃、止滑、耐撕裂功能,在廣泛用于鞋材領域同時,也用在了其他領域,如家居用品、物流包裝材料、汽車內部裝飾、精密重要產品緩沖墊片、運 動防護用品甚至低

ETPU is also a popcorn material. The sole made by ETPU is also called the popcorn sole. It is the English name Expanded thermoplastic polyurethane. This material has many advantages, and the sole
made of it can greatly reduce the wearer's experience in sports.s damage. ETPU has better resilience than other common materials such as EPP, EVA, and EPE.

ETPU is also able to isolate external hazardous substances and gases. It has anti-aging, wear-resistant, temperature-resistant, deodorant, UV-resistant, and durable all-weather use.

Authoritative research on the drama shows that the material before processing of ETPU is a special particle foam with a density of about 110 kg/m3 and a weight of 200,300 kg/m3 after processing.
The material is soft in texture, and each microsphere is equivalent to a small ball with closed microbubbles in it. The particles contain a large number of internal micropores with diameters ranging
from 30 μm to 300 μm. Closed-cell elastic particle foam combines the properties of TPU with the advantages of foam to make it rubbery but lighter.

Because ETPU materials have many advantages, in addition to the above effects, they also have the functions of flame retardant, anti-slip and tear resistance. They are widely used in the field of shoe
materials, and are also used in other fields, such as household items, logistics packaging materials, and automotive interiors. Decorative, precision important product cushions, sports protection
products and even low-load tires.

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