电子游戏产业竞争 傳統的TPU是由軟質段和硬質段組成,而ETPU材料不含軟質段,是由無定形的分子鏈和剛性分子鏈組成。這款材料具有很高的彈性,同樣具有高強度的抗沖擊性,耐高低溫穩定性高。ETPU發泡顆粒密度低,材料經過
多次專業測試后相比其他傳統材料高出很多回彈性、耐 磨性、耐折性、耐水性等特點。



The traditional TPU consists of a soft segment and a hard segment, while the ETPU material does not contain a soft segment and is composed of an amorphous molecular chain and a rigid molecular
chain. This material is highly elastic, also has high impact resistance and high temperature stability. The density of ETPU foamed granules is low. After many professional tests, the materials are much
higher than other traditional materials, such as resilience, wear resistance, folding resistance and water resistance.

After the ETPU popcorn sole is under pressure, it can reduce the pressure to half, which makes it easier, safer and more convenient for people wearing it. The sole itself can be restored to its original
shape after the pressure has disappeared, and will not be deformed after a certain number of times or time.

Because of the superiority of ETPU, the material can now be seen on packaging materials, cushioning gaskets, and runway floors. It has even been applied to tires and is increasing year by year due to
the recognition of various industries. Guosheng Shoes specializes in the research and development of ETPU popcorn soles and other materials. The products are recognized by customers all over the
country and are one of the strategic partners of well-known shoe brands in the market.